Relaxing game to play as you are watching TV, listening to music, pondering over something or solving a problem,  or even exercising on a stationary bike. The gentle movements of your phone is all that's needed to guide the zippr- eraser that will gracefully reveal the pictures stored in your phone's camera collection, views of nature, abstract compositions, paintings or the photos taken by your fellow ZiPPR users in their world travel.


There are three components in the game: ZEN - pure relaxation, SKILLS - dexterity development & practice, and SPACE HUNT - a galactic travel (story in development).














During long voyages, you will need some time to relax - the ZEN game is there to help. It will allow you to visit photos collected in your phone and other beautiful pictures that will get you to a ZEN state of mind. No rash, no competition. And yet, some sonacoins will be added to your account as you play...



Another component of ZiPPR is a game designed to challenge and sharpen your dexterity - spending months in a spaceship takes its toll... There is an additional reward for your exercise - sonacoins added to you account, amount increase proportional to the level of complexity of your exercises. In addition, the sonacoins you earn will advance your rank in the ZiPPR Fleet!


You can mine sonacoins while crisscrossing the Y2Z Galaxy in ZiPPR, your inter-galactic space ship. As ZiPPR swashes through the space as you collect the sonacoins spread around the galaxies and, importantly, stored in the multi-color gravitational holes - galaxy banks owned by an all-powerful empire controlling every square light year of the space.


The galaxy banks are protected by the Force Shield that ZiPPR can easily erase. Luck and persistence will get you the sonacoins from the colorful banks. Dive in the Black Hole, and pull out 2 sonacoins.  Discover the Green Hole, and get 4, hit the Red Hole, and get 16 sonacoins.


Meanwhile,  to keep you entertained in the long journey, ZiPPR reveals for you the numerous earthly pictures by erasing the Force Shield spread in the infinitely beautiful starry sky. Contributing to your mining objectives, every picture that ZiPPR reveals, will give you two sonacoins - thank you for watching!


And what are sonacoins? As with any other currency, the value of sonacoins is a complex function of incomprehensible inter-galactic economics. Helpfully, the sonacoins can also be used by the ZiPPR space ships as a zero-emission, 100% efficient green fuel.


From time to time you will go back to Earth, cash the sonacoins you mined... and go back, pulled by the gravity of the holes and love for the excitement of mining. A math challenge with using sonacoins is that in the Y2Z galaxy they come  only in binary denominations. As a test, what would be the smallest set of sonacoins for paying a bill of 7,845 sonacoins in cash?



The ZiPPR Fleet is a hierarchical merit-based structure where each member has a rank and his or her own space ship. Your ZiPPR Fleet rank will depend on the experience you gained while operating  ZiPPR: the size of your sonacoin account will indicate your experience and determine your rank in the fleet - from Rookie to COMMANDER.


Recruitment for the Fleet is honorable and it pays: get 2,048 sonacoins for each Rookie you bring in!

Rookie 256



Trooper 4,096

Sergeant 8,192

Lieutenant 16,384

Captain 65,536

Major 131,072

Colonel 262,144

Major General 524,288

Vice Admiral 1,048,576

Admiral 1,572,864

COMMANDER 2,097,152


You will be promoted in your fleet rank based on your sonacoins mining success measured by the number of coins you deposited in your bank account. In addition, the Fleet top brass will periodically review your file and promote you depending on your participation in the fleet activities. This type of promotions could take you by several steps over your current rank; what is more, it will come with a sonacoins cash bonus!


Some science behind the ZiPPR spaceship. It follows the laws of physics, both classical and quantum. Most of the time it follows the Newtonian laws, and moves following the engine’s thrust, gravitational pull and the friction of the space dust that is proportional to the speed squared. Simple enough. Please keep this in mind when destroying the force shield: slowing down the ZiPPR will help you to be precise when you are wiping off the small specs of the shield, and when you are searching for the gravitational holes.





















The gentle movements controlling the zippr or space ship movements as they uncover the pictures on the screen or especially when taking challenges in the SKILLS game will, as we anticipate, help the player to improve his or her eye-hand coordination and dexterity, a bonus!

Black Hole


Green Hole


Red Hole




Sonacoins in your ZiPPR bank account are not fictional assets – they can be used when you visit the ZiPPR Store. Obviously, your purchasing power depends on the size of your account, as in real life on the Earth… The store is presently under construction and the inventory is being built up – stay tuned!



• Sonacoin – unit of the Y2Z's binary currency

• ZiPPR – space ship that can be fueled by sonacoins

• Black, Green, Red Gravity Hole banks containing sonacoins

• Black Hole has the strongest gravity pull and is easiest to discover. It yields 256 sonacoins per dive.

• Green Hole has medium gravity pull and yields 512 sonacoins per dive.

Red Hole has the weakest gravity pull and is most difficult to discover; it yields 1,024 sonacoins per dive.


The ZiPPR game is available for purchase on App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android), while its free full-feature version can be enjoyed as an integral part of the SONAD app - a revolutionary hi-tech advertisement & customer information radio and TV tool http://www.sonad.io/



Anyone starting from the rank of Sergeant in the ZiPPR Fleet can send us recommendations for the new features and content. NOTE: Recommendation from the fleet members with a rank of Major General and higher will be treated as orders! Please send your recommendations to info@sonad.io (Re: ZiPPR Recommendation or ZiPPR Order). Please be as specific as possible - we will be happy to improve your future game experience!

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